I picked up some of my favorite flowers this weekend. Who would of thought that Costco would carry such beautiful Peonies?
(photos by me)

Smock Paper

Smock paper sent me samples of their work, and I am blown away by their loveliness. Besides being an extremely ecologically savvy company, using vegetable and low-voc inks and an entirely wind-powered facility, they use beautiful bamboo paper. Their attention to detail is impeccable, and their line is gorgeous something I wish I could show you up close and personal. Check out their letterpress work here, and if you are in the market for pretty wedding invitations see their selection. Thanks Smock!

(photos by me)

A Fine Day

Sometimes I cannot get enough of Norwegian superstar Erlend Oye's voice. You've probably heard his voice from the band Kings of Convenience, (check out their sweet video here) and more currently the band, the whitest boy alive. Hopefully this clip will brighten your Monday as it did mine.

Ice Cube Trays

Have you been noticing the explosion of stylish ice cube trays on the market? Ice... ice... baby.

1: Wrapables
2: Amazon

Have a gorgeous weekend.

(photo from here via design is mine)

Random Inspiration

I spotted this collaborative book on random inspiration. Although I don't know the details about the book, wow... it sure looks fabulous. The photography is by Jonathan Chapman.

Oh... and this shot random inspiration also posted made my day, wait no... week. (photo by Colin Simmons)

Modern Romance

This simplistic and modern industrial space speaks to me. Minimal with just enough pops of color and personality. (Inside Out March 2007 via XT Decor)


Inspired by poofy flowing pink today.
( 1: Atelier XT 2: Elle Magazine)

Ellen Raskin

Here is my favorite book find of the week, "Nothing Ever Happens on my Block" by Ellen Raskin. (yay.. only $.25 again.) I dig the thin black and white line drawings with flashes of bold color throughout and the quirky story adds to its charm. Ellen was an extremely gifted artist, designer, and writer, who won many awards during her lifetime, including the Newbery Award for this cover. She stated, "I try to say one thing with my work: A book is a wonderful place to be. A book is a package, a gift package, a surprise package -- and within the wrappings is a whole new world and beyond." Love that quote.

Kid's room

I like this kid's room from Cookie. I think what makes it appealing is the fun rug, and slightly unexpected color combinations. The ripped up Olivia book on the wall is a nice touch too. (via a new favorite blog A Merry Mishap)

Tape Timer

This tape timer designed by Jozeph Forakis found at the MOMA Store is super clever. Pull the ring up, and as time goes by, the tape will lower and loudly ring when time is up.

Tommy Ads

After checking into Tommy, I came across one of their recent ad campaigns. The contrast and color on these shots are quite breathtaking.

Hot Air Balloons

My sister had this shot (what I think is an old Tommy ad) on her inspiration wall and before she left for NYC, she gave it to me. ;) (Thanks B.) You must also check out these recent polaroids that Vanessa took while taking her very own balloon ride. They are gorgeous.

Kettle Chips packaging

I am not usually a big potato chip girl, but on occasion I will reach for my favorite kind... Kettle chips. On the Dieline, I spotted Kettle's new exotic line; what a packaging delight, and some of the flavors sound quite interesting. I don't know if they sell it anymore, but you used to be able to order the whole passport chip collection here.

Another pretty closet

Another pretty closet from Domino.
(via Urban Grace Interiors + Everything in its place)

Hey... hey... hey...

Here is a playful and original music video called, 'Hey.. hey... hey' by Room Eleven. Billy Pols who directed this clip must have really have a foot fetish. (via Bueller Designs)

Duct Tape Rug

Check out this one-of-a-kind rug enhanced with various colors of duct tape.
(originally from bertjanpot via Happy Mundane)


I am inspired by these summer polaroids by Kamila Kulik. (first seen here)

Weekend Home

This month, Elle Decor featured this spectacular weekend retreat in the Hamptons which belongs to Chris and Cristina Cuomo, and was decorated by Emma Pilkington. It really makes me wonder what their day to day home looks like? (via Everything in its Place)

My little sunshine is under the weather today. Hopefully she will get better and I'll be back soon. 

Colorful Balloons

Here is Vienna's pick for the day. She couldn't get enough of these balloons. Me neither. From dream in colour's flickr.

USB Carabiner

Ever wonder what to get your outdoorsy + computer geek friend for a gift? I present you with option #1. (via Geeky Gadgets)

Rarrar Press

My sister, brother and sister-in law all flew off to NYC on Friday for the summer. This card from Rarrar Press would have been perfect for the occasion. (via Vane)
(p.s. you can customize where you want your hearts)

Little People

I came across little people today. Slinkachu, the master mind behind the project, places real actual little people scenes all around London to leave them as he states, 'to fend for themselves.' His upcoming book, "Little People in the City - The street art of Slinkachu" can be pre-ordered here in the UK. Be sure to check out his other scenes too.

Candy Cups

How fun are these rainbow candy cups from Room Service Home? Great for an outdoor party!

Have a Happy Weekend!

I am digging the vibe of this super fun and happy music video, "Run Run" by Those Dancing Days. It reminds me of grade school when kids played horsey with jump ropes. Did you ever do that? The whole clip makes me want to jump up and have a fun weekend. It is officially summer tomorrow... ya-hoo!! Have a good one. (via here)

Lovely nursery

I have giddy designer tingles from this is amazing nursery that Grace posted for her sneak peek tour today. See more here.

Clever Ads

I received an email about these clever ways of advertising. Thanks Rick.