Nisse Landscape Snow Globes

This cracks me up! It is a project by JAJA Architects exhibiting at DAC that explores fourteen architectural based scenarios of how people and pixies aka 'Nisse' (Scandinavian elfs) co-exist. All in the form of snow globes, haha. See them all here.

(via notcot)


Couve Illustrations said...

that last one is really nice!

Deanna Pai said...

My mom would probably want each and every one of these -- they're so cute!

sarah.wandering. said...

Oh so pretty. I love snowglobes - and hate the fact they have been neglected over the last several years. A mantle of snowglobes in a mix of posh and tacky are my cup of tea. Great find.

Unknown said...

These are so cute! I love the second one.


Laura said...

Snow globes are so magical! Just lovely!

Danielle said...

Aaaah! I love it.


theappletea said...

these are really nice! Like them a lot! Great!

Ola A.

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