Near my desk

Surrounded by things I love, here are a few.

I love this old kate spade ad, I tore out of a zine a few years ago. Wouldn't it be great to go to switzerland - it's on my top ten of places to see next, I want to ski and board the swiss alps. Guten Tag!

I love the smell of this volcano candle by capri blue, wish computers had scratch 'n sniff capabilities to share, it's lovely- got it at anthropologie. They now sell them in these lucious clear jars, when my runs out, I'll get this one in pink.

Love magazines, subscribe to lots, so I do my best to put my favs in this magazine rack I got ages ago at potterybarn. I also heart my pina zangaro case. Do I have too much metal?

My mom loves, loves to organizes, as do I. Last year we went to a NAPO organization seminar in Boston where I discovered Russell + Hazel, M.O. and this great JOYS system which stands for 'just organize your stuff'. This binder is designed by Catherine, a graphic designer, it is one of the prettiest systems I've seen. It includes lots of tabs: everyday, wealth, wellness, home, and interests. It is not for the faint of heart - hard core organizing here. Her website has lots of great links, helpful stuff for everyday life.

I like to clip little things I'm working on, or new inspiration that I find, on these metal clips. The bag is great to throw a mag in, or some loose papers. Gotta love paperchase.

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Izabella said...

I just managed to snatch myself one of those Pottery Barn magazine rack, off of Craigslist :) . Looks like Pottery Barn doesn't carry them anymore.

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