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Yesterday, I was buzzing through the DVR because I had a stockpile of stuff to watch (while feeding the babe of course) and I came across a oprah rerun that showed Nate Berkus's pad in Chi-town. Right after I finished watching the segment, I felt so inspired and wanted to start seriously designing the spaces in my home + figure out what direction to go in for each room. We bought our town home a few months ago, and I have done things here and there, but haven't quite completed a room yet. So... I am going to get cracking on some idea boards of what I want to do - perhaps I will share some next week, stay tuned. (I do have a thing for Pottery Barn + Restoration Hardware but I don't want my home to feel like it is out of their catalog like the Friends episode with Rachel + Phoebe + the Apothecary table.)

I love the way Nate blends modern + eclectic elements in his homes. The way he creates spaces of warmth + uses personal objects + items that have meaning to make a statement.

This is his Chicago home:

I love this photo wall in his bedroom - it looks so unplanned + cool.

This is his home in NY that he renovated:


Traci said...

Hello, I found your blog one day as I was linking through cyberspace. I have found myself coming back to your little space a couple of times. I love what you post! I also saw this episode of Oprah and loved it... so inspiring. Love Nate! Hope you don't mind an extra visitor!

AlisonM said...

I really like Room and Board as a Potter Barn/Crate & Barrel alternative. For some reason I feel like their items look less catalog-y when they are all in a room together (maybe because they are easy to mix with flea market/craigslist finds). I do love that episode with the apothecary table though. Have fun decorating your home! I've just been through a big furniture buying spree for my apartment and I'm sad that there's no more shopping to do.

Rachel said...

Traci : thanks for your visits + comments! Alison: I'd love to see what you've done.

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