encaustic love

While walking through a local art gallery, I fell head over heels for these works of art by contemporary artist Tom Brydelsky. They are a stunning example of the encaustic meduim. Does anyone know how to hot wax paint? It looks so cool.


Amanda Conley said...

I love encaustic paintings! These look like photographs with varying depthes of clear wax squares. Or are they paintings? It's hard to tell in the photographs. You can do encaustics on pretty much any medium, but oil paint seems to work the best because beeswax and oil are very compatible. Some artist actually mix pigment into the melted beeswax, but more often you just see the clear wax. You should experiment with this! All you have to do is melt it in a double boiler and paint it on. You can tape off areas (like the artist you have shown) or you can carve things into the hardened wax. You could even put 3- dimensional objects into it. Sorry about the long comment, but my wheels start turning at the sight of cool art.

amy said...

hello! i'm so happy i stumbled across your lovely blog, you find the sweetest happiest things :)

Anonymous said...

that's right. this is indeed very cool art.

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