Vespa girl, this one is for you.

I have another friend asking me for wedding ideas - the one who wants to drive a Vespa around on her wedding day. Well, I was telling her about this idea, (one of my favorites) and felt that it really suits her + her true love's personality. As I was scanning these in, I also noticed that over at Frolic they posted the awesome wedding invitations to this same wedding!! To see the invites click here. (Wedding is of Robin Rosenthal to Matt Hall from MS Weddings Winter 2006)

Vespa girl and her sweetie pie, have traded little trinkets back and forth - as they have been dating, you should see her box full! What a great idea for them!


Shawna Carpenter said...

I can't tell you how much your site has inspired ideas for my wedding. I ran across a wedding idea on here and fell into a whole collection of unique ideas. Thanks!

sandy said...

Such beautiful details@ Seeing these photos kind of make me wish to get married again, *sigh*. :)

vespa girl said...

i love these ideas! i love em. i love em i love em! But i dont know how vespa boy will feel.. oh well, i bet he'll like them.

About Jen, Domestic Goddess said...

Those button escort cards are adorable!! What a wonderful touch! Where did they get the buttons?

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