Whitewashed with light

I love, love this! This house just resonates with me, I really adore the style, and want it someday in my future home. Interior designers and friends out there - what is this style categorized as? These photos are taken by Paul Massey and I found them via the superb style files.

I love the whitewashed planked floors. A minimal look with personality.


Melissa Haws said...

Oooo....I love this too! It's pretty eclectic, but I think the style with the most weight in the room (kitchen) would be modern/scandinvian? But there's a lot of english charm in the details. I like how completely white it is, but not harsh at all because of the informal textures. Tasteful lady.

danielle said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for mentioning my blog the style files. Isn't this house gorgeous?! I would define the style as modern scandinavian as well. I have decorated my whole house in this style!

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