Leona Naess

Here is a sampling of the mesmerizing vocals of the multi-genre talent, Leona Naess. The first song is called 'Charm Attack' and is very pop and the second one, 'Ballerina' is more acoustic. Her albums are very solid, and I am still unsure why she isn't so popular but, I guess she was playing at the gas station of all places, the other day! A new album called 'thirteens' is coming out soon, should be a good one. I am excited to see how her sound has matured.


Amanda Conley said...

Thanks for posting all of your music finds. It seems that I just don't have time anymore to find good music, (or when I do I'm too busy to add it to my wish list and it just gets lost somewhere in the files of my mind). At least now I know that when I'm looking for some fresh inspiration I can come and browse your site and find plenty. :)

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Thanks Amanda, I wasn't sure if anyone was liking these music highlights or not.

Jacob said...

Ditto on the music appreciation. I actually ran across Leona about a year ago while watching an episode of the gilmore girls. Great stuff! If you like her I'd also recommend checking out Keren Ann and Emiliana Torrini, and Feist.

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