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Mac and I between the both of us have a lot of gadgets, and I guess I will admit it here, we are kind of tech geeks. There are the cellphones, the ipods, the cameras, the headphones, the gps etc. etc. Unfortunately, along with the "i love technology" sentiments comes the wire-phobe tendencies I have of wanting to hide all of those nasty, nasty wires. So, imagine my delight when I saw the Pottery Barn cover with this image on the front. Ahhh, relief.

Another way to link up is to use this chargepod that I saw on swissmiss.

What solutions do you use to charge up all of your gear?

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Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...

I love the Pottery Barn item! That is my dream come true as I'm a hater of the wires. I am in! (Though I had to roll my eyes at the $80 price tag knowing in 6 months Target will have the $30 version). ;-) Still, and this says a lot about me, I'd pay $80 just to keep our impromptu charging area tidy.

Thanks for this!

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