Homemade Baby

Since I am a graphic designer, I enjoy product packaging to the extent that I will go out of my way to reward companies (through my purchases) who focus their energy on beautiful product design. A happy delight of mine, is when I find items where beautiful packaging design and excellent products coincide. Recently, I found that to be true in baby food of all things. I came across Homemade Baby a few days ago and a large smile came across my face, especially with it being on sale at my local super target. They have great choices such as piwi (pears + kiwi), squapples (squash + apples) and a baby tex-mex meal all good ones that Vienna is really digging. It makes it nice when I don't have time to mush down my own produce, to know that this is the next best thing. Thanks Homemade Baby!

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laissezfaire said...

so cute! I have to blog about this on my baby's blog.

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