It is October! Time to start talking about Halloween. Growing up in my home, Halloween was always a big deal. We were the house with large ghosts propped up in chairs in our dinning room, dark and flickering lights, lots of smoke coming out from the smoke machines, the spooky music, and cobwebs. There are so many clever ideas out there for this fun time of year. I think this holiday can be a complete riot.

The ones below are all from Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels. Go here to see more.


Heather said...

So many great ideas!! I love Halloween, but I never can find really cute decorations. I love these!

Alyssa Coberly said...

these are really cute ... and although i love them they are pretty pricey - those little cupcake boxes are $12.99 for 6 ... maybe to some that doesnt seem high but i thought it was kinda crazy expensive - good thing they have her stuff on sale every once in a while :0) i betcha after halloween they would be a great price!

Sabina said...

Your blog never disappoints - one of my daily stops - thanks.

Alexander Santillanes said...

I love seeing Halloween decorations with a bit of style. So much better than the cardboard cut-out witch face we had on our front door when I was a kid (though I think one of those old cardboard skeletons could look pretty hip...) -X

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