We use homeopathic teething tablets for our little one, and also tablets for motion sickness and they seem to work wonders. So, after seeing this quaint little homeopathic kit that Cindy showed on the O show, I am quite intrigued in learning more ways different homeopathic remedies work. Familiar with these or have any great resources about homeopathy? It is a very fascinating subject.


Anonymous said...

The Homeopathic kit Cindy uses is from www.homeopathyworks.com it is a 50 remedy kit.

Julie said...

I use homeopathic remedies. Most moms I knew in Santa Cruz did. Especially the teething tablets. My personal favorite is Arnica. It works. My sister took it orally for wisdom teeth extractions. My skateboarding son uses the cream for bumps and bruises. It is a must...right next to the band aids.

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