On the first day...

I really dig these 12 days of Christmas holiday plates by Rosanna via Brown Turtleneck Sweater. Along with these, I am currently brainstorming for 12 days of Christmas gift ideas. Done anything fun and clever?

{Update:} Found some more 12 days plates at WS.


Sabina said...

i must these right now!!

Sabina said...

i meant i must "have" these right now. i was just so carried away by those plates...i'm skipping words (ha).

love your blog by the way - i visit daily :)

*******chocolatecanary********* said...

Ok, I am addicted to plates, platters, bowls. Pretty much if you can eat out of it I love it on my walls, counters, table tops... you get it! I love these. I wish I had a clever idea for the 12 days. I am putting it on my things to do for next year. Great idea!

Alyssa Coberly said...

i have been obsessed with those top ones but just cant justify the $95 that they are :0)

my fav. 12 days gift:

4 calling birds: 4 phone calls from family/friends

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