Last night, Mac and I escaped our house (which I've been in way too long cleaning up baby barf) to see August Rush, it was good and rather touching. On a side note, it is refreshing to see new moms such as Keri Russell (star in August) dot the covers of many magazines lately. I wonder if some zines are finally starting to realize their target market is growing up a little, and that women can also be chic and stylish with little ones.

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alyson. said...

oh how I loved Felicity. my roomates in college and I would gather in my suite-mate's dorm room and watch the tales of Felicity and Ben while we kicked the boys out of our room as we cried and laughed along with the tv.

I love her.

perfect bound said...

I too am still loyal to Felicity and love Keri Russell. I read a recent article that the man she married is a surfer from Martha's Vineyard. So not Hollywood. Isn't that why we love her. Did you see Waitress too? I bet it's good.

she planted a tree said...

OOooh its the boots. They do look cute here. That's what it was, I saw the movie Waitress, kinda funny, kinda interesting.

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