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There are so many fun ways to find work these days. Believe it or not, I just discovered blogs about a year ago. Not only have they helped with promoting my work but I've discovered some really fun artists. Favorites- of course Black Eiffel, stephmodo, Bloesem, and Design*Sponge. I discovered through Design*Sponge. I opened an etsy store this summer- that's been an interesting experiment. I've also discovered some really talented artists through etsy- Allison of, Matte Stephens, Ashley G, and lots more. Check it out. It's nice to see what's going on out there in the world of craft and art and you will for sure be inspired!

Sifting through blogs leads me to WONDERFUL websites. When I find an artist's work that looks similar to mind, I check out the listing of galleries where they've shown. I then contact the potential show space and include attachments of my work in the email. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't, but It's really fun waiting for the "thumbs up" email. I really enjoy showing in restaurants and fancy boutiques. I pick shops and restaurants that share my aesthetic. These venues usually get high volumes of traffic and do not ask for a high commission- sometimes they don't take a percentage at all! Here are a few websites of artists that have been highly inspirational. They're super talented and super nice girls-,,,

Thanks, again, to Rachel for having me this past week. Thanks, too, to everyone that has read my entries and posted comments. This intranet webbie deallie thing is FUN!! Bye for now-Kate Endle


Anonymous said...

Loved all your posts, thanks so much!

Kate Endle said...

Hi! You're welcome and thanks for your post. I love your Etsy shop- so fresh and well designed.

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