Do it Yourself by Guest Karisa Winkel

Years ago I found this wall in an Anthropologie catalog and loved it.

I kept the clipping as inspiration and finally convinced a friend to replicate it in his house.

Using a measuring tape, a level and automotive masking tape (this works better than painter's tape), I taped off the lines (over a white wall) and carefully cut off extra tape with a razor blade. Then I painted the wall—and consequently, over the tape-- a nice clay/brown color. Once it dried, I very carefully removed the tape. Though it took some time to make sure all my lines were straight, I think it was well worth the results! Now if I could only find an enormous ottoman, 3 ridiculously over-priced lamps, and a white couch that's begging to be spilled on, I think we'll be finished.

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is gold leafing.

Not only can you easily do it yourself, but it's cheap and makes an old frame look regal. You can buy gold leafing kit (complete with glue, a brush, gold leaf and a soft polishing cloth) at a craft store for about $8. I found an old, blue plastic frame at a thrift store and immediately saw its potential. Although getting into the nooks was tricky, I really love the result. One trick I learned is that when you're gold leafing a bumpy object such as this one, it's best to paint it with gold paint first so that it's not as obvious when your gold leafing isn't perfect.

And now the only thing I can't decide is where to stop—the possibilities are endless.

Who wants a gold pot? Who wants a gold computer? Who wants a gold Cocker Spaniel? I do, I do, I do.


Bexy said...

can you use this gold leaf as makeup???
can you imagine what fabulous eyeshadow that would make for a big night out!
bexy ;)

Anonymous said...

I've just been thinking of gold leafing something, but wasn't sure what to begin with... thanks for the push to go ahead and just try something! watch out, dog!

Fine Twined said...

I still have this same clipping. Too funny!

mamacita said...

I'm pretty sure if I ever started gold leafing I would never be able to stop. I'd like to gold leaf everything I've ever bought from Ikea.

Amanda Conley said...

great projects! Another cool idea for gold leafing is to paint whatever you're doing red first. Then carefully tear the gold leaf into smaller pieces (so that there are no square lines.) The little bit of red that peeks out here and there makes it look very antique traditional.

Uncle Beefy said...

Okay...mentioning a "gold computer" has me a bit tempted actually :)

ant said...

Wow, do you have more information on the swimming print in the second image? I love that image, to the point that I have a post about it on my blog. I would love to know where it came from, etc.

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