Early Inspiration by Guest Kate Endle

First, I'd like to thank Rachel for featuring me, my artwork, and my inspirations. I'm a big fan of her blog and aesthetic so it's a real compliment to have her interest- thanks Rachel! Now onto the show and tell.

I've been an artist my whole life. I have a very supportive family that have always been very encouraging of my pursuits as an artist. One of the things I'm so very grateful for is my collection of childhood drawings. Since my artistic debut at 2 years old my mother has saved my early art in a photo album; I still peruse my book of doodles for inspiration. My mother worked at Fireside Bookstore in Chagrin Falls, Ohio for over thirty years and brought home all sorts of good things for me and my younger sister to read.

I loved drawing from the Ed Emberley books and I loved the Dick Bruna books. Of course, School House Rock was a favorite. You can see, for sure, what was influencing me way back when and what sort of effect it has had on my current style. More on my inspiration in the days to come.


love.boxes said...

So fun. I love all those things as well. The best art we have can often be seen in children's books.. a good reason to check them out for yourself. Really inspiring!

Uncle Beefy said...

Great to see your early work, Kate. My Mom did the same and it's nice to have it to look back upon. I died when I saw the Emberley book! I've still got mine somewhere at my parents' house. Such a flashback! Looking forward to more posts. :)

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