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Dear Readers,

So far, 'blackeiffel' has been a great outlet for me to explode creativity with the many ideas I have in my head, and in my doodle books. One of my goals this year is to make blackeiffel a better place for all who come to visit. In the short time I have blogged, I am overwhelmed by the abundance of those who come to look, read, comment, share, email, and give. I truly appreciate you all. So . . . with that being said, I need your help. Yes you! To assist me in reaching one of my resolves, I would love any input and suggestions on how blackeiffel could be better. What do you want to see more of? What topics do you enjoy the most? Any other ideas or comments?
Thanks in advance for your insights.

xoxo -Rachel

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eclecticentertaining said...

I hate to be on the receiving end of criticism that isn't really criticism, but that's what I'm giving you. I love the mix you have now! There's a little something for everyone. I've linked you from my blog (as I'm sure about everyone else in the world has) because I hope that my visitors (considerably fewer than yours, but still there nonetheless) will find you and enjoy a few nuggets.

So, I'm sure YOU could make Black Eiffel better, but it doesn't seem like it to me.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Sequana said...

One thing that comes to my mind is that I'm not really sure what your focus is here.

I keep you on my Bloglines list, but I'm not sure why...just that I've never wanted to remove you..*S*

Anonymous said...

happy happy happy late birthday rachel we love you
when we get back we will have party. here are a could of ideas, have a monthly best of things, like photos, best wedding story, best baby story etc.
share mothers stories best of. we would also like to see more baby v and your mother storys the joys and thrills of motherhood
we love and all that you do

mom & dad

Jessie Cacciola said...

I love that there isn't a real focus. It's a perfect blend of everything you look for in a lifestyle blog - music, food, design, homestyle, beauty - it's life. And it's always something original and simply presented. This is one of my favorite blogs, so I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe in archiving, since you DO have a diverse selection...have easy to find labels to click on, making the blog more like a real website (like a magazine website) thing I find though is many blogs go too far, so don't be afraid to keep it simple as you have.

- Jessie - said...

You are definitely one of my favorite spots. I think what I like the best are your favorite things. Whether its design, clothing, food etc--I like the cross section of stuff you think is cool. In a world filled with crappy esthetics, its nice to see you distill some of the good stuff thats out there. Hope that helps.
ps--my word verification was "flitrod" what a cool word.

kelli said...

I enjoy the variety as well. I think you've created a very inviting, laid back blog. It's real which keeps me reading. Congratulations on your growth/success! Any exciting projects for the future??

tangled and true

Bexy said...

today is my first peek at your blog and it's already on my favourites list.
it's lovely to look at other peoples lives through what they choose to blog ~ it's like looking at the real uncensored version of people.
i'm certainly coming back to spy on you!
a splendid start to this day
cheers! ;)

Erica said...

More wedding ideas!

Amanda Conley said...

I like all your random likes and loves. Thanks for sharing them. Kepp up the good work you've done since you started and I'll be happy!

Heather said...

I love the diversity. There's a ton of neat things, and they're all so different. Also, I really really love the simplicity. It's sometimes hard for me, for whatever reason to go to blogs with WAY too much "stuff" everywhere, all over the place. You've done a nice job of having the necessary info and a few ads here and there, but haven't over-done it. Thanks for creating one of my favorite "virtual" vacations.

Kim said...

One of the reasons I love the variety of your posts is because there are so many things that I would have never ever thought about.
I am always surprised and delighted.
I love coming to your blog.

sweetbeans said...

I love your foodie posts, and the photos are always impeccable!

Catherine said...

Count me as one more who thinks the blog is sweetly perfect, just the way it is. I love the slight randomness and the delight in simple charms. There is a quality of innocence that relieves the darkness in my daily work, and I too love the lack of clutter, as mentioned by others.

Robin said...

My favorites are your music posts, because I think you have great taste and I always enjoy listening to whatever songs you have posted here.

dulci said...

love black eiffel! It's a true inspiration :)

.caroline armelle. said...

i love your blog. the pictures are beautiful and i love any home decor stuff you post!

Anonymous said...

I like the variety and spontaneity of your site. It's like a fortune cookie and I don't know what I'll get until I visit. I dislike when blogs have certain days dedicated to certain topics. It takes the fun/life out of reading the blog.

Rachel said...

Thank you very much for all of your insightful comments. I have debated about narrowing my focus, and specializing, (like my marketing 101 teacher used to constantly say to do) but I find it to be more enjoyable to talk about a variety of topics. Again, thanks for reading!!

kim screen said...

Hi rachel!

Sorry for late post but I must chime in here. I of course love everything you post on, but have been meaning to tell you for a while it is your MUSIC that really keeps me coming back!

Case in point, I visited today because I saw the new Macbook Air ad with Yael Naim and couldn't remember her name but thought, 'I know Rachel will be on top of this one.' And you were. :) Thanks for being my source of new music!

You have a truly great eye and it's clear you enjoy sharing the beautiful things you see around you. Keep it up!


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