I feel it all

How fun would this be to do? I admire her contagious spirit and aesthetic. Even back in the day with Broken Social Scene, the first time I heard Leslie's voice, I knew she had it. I am happy to see her become such a success. How can you not love everything she does? Props to Patrick Daughters for directing this and her other happenin' videos.


laura tj said...

i LOVE her voice and her music! i'm so sad all tickets were already sold out when i found out that feist is coming to sydney next month :(

Sabina said...

She is wonderful and completely unique!!

Jo said...

oooohhhh i feel it all is my favorite, favorite song of the album!!! it just makes me want to get up and jump around and dance!!! love the video, so much fun indeed! leslie is fantastic!!!!

Jacob said...

Yes! I love her, too! I've been a fan for a long time and was lucky to see her back in the day when she was still playing tiny venues...she is just as amazing live! Don't you just LOVE the fireworks!!!?!!

Jacob saw her open for the Kings of Convenience like 3 years ago...if you haven't checked out her work with them I highly recommend it!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Lola - :(

Jo - This is my fav. track too! We should have a blogger dance party :)

Tysha- I love her voice with the Kings of Convenience! They are one of my favs.too.

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