Yay! This album comes out today! I heart Cat Power.


Christy said...

It is a good album though not my favorite Cat Power album. I received two "giveaway" tickets to see her in Philly.


Your blog is cool by the way. =o)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Oooh. I heard this was going to be good--along with the Whigs. I think Atlanta has 5 bands releasing new albums today.

jo said...

i heart cat power as well! i am so looking forward to this album!! hope it comes out in mexico soon!

Jennifer R. said...

very cool...Cat Power is awesome!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

brandon & brittany said...

my goodness, clicked on the link, listened to her stuff, and am definitely lov'n it.

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