I still like the idea of these tag valentines on the cover of an old issue of Victoria magazine. The possibilities are endless in what you could create.


mary said... just threw me into a panic. At first glance I thought this was THIS Feburary's issue, and I'm saying to myself, "Why the h*ll haven't I gotten it yet in the mail??"

Gotta feed my magazine addiction, you know ;)

Thanks for the daily inspiration!

Chelsea said...

Yes, I still have all my old ones. The new one is icky though. I LOVE your new banner!

Britt said...

I used to love the old Victoria too - the new one just doesn't cut it for me!

d.Sharp said...

Hmmm, haven't seen the new Victoria. Love this old one, Sara Lugg tags.

Rachel said...

My hopes were high for the new one too, I'm disappointed.

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