Valentine Show and Tell

Contest time! I decided I want to do a Valentine's Day card contest. Why you may ask? Well . . .
1- I am realizing that yesterday was January 14th (Valentine's Day = 1 month away)
2- The last post inspired me to think more about hearts and paperie.
3- It will be fun to see and share others heart-felt inspirations.

To enter, email me ( an image of your most favorite / creative Valentine's Card. One that you have made yourself, received, clipped, or adored. Also, please tell me the story or inspiration behind your selection and who created it.

Get them to me by February 8th 2007 (midnight) and I will post up finalists selected by a panel, and let readers vote on their very favorite. The lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card to a place of their choosing. Bonne Chance!

UPDATE: deadline has been extended until February 11th (at midnight)!!
(image from MS)


Brilliant Asylum said...

Love this idea. I am on the hunt!

Pomegranate said...

Do u have to live in the states to be eligible to win?

Jessie said...

Yes... I always love to see how creative people are!

Rachel said...

As long as you can email me your entry, you are eligible!

adesignaffair said...

I just found your blog & I am smitten. Great posts & findings- can't wait to check back daily.

platinum blonde said...

Oh I must enter...brainstorming now Thanks for the EXTENSION!

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