Much more exotic than the normal chocolate box, Vosges has created a Sensory Collection, a chocolate tasting and an intricate game of smell and taste. Looks like quite the experience, a great activity for a small party. They also have smaller exotic sets, and varieties if you don't want to go quite all out. (Thanks Joan)


Uncle Beefy said...

Holy crap! That would certainly count as the ULTIMATE foodie Valentine! Still trying to pick jaw up off floor.

dulci said...

ooh these truffles are to die for!

Jessie Cacciola said...

very interesting and beautiful packaging....will have to check this out.
- Jessie -

Stephanie said...

After some good friends in San Francisco shared a similar "kit" with my husband and I, he suddenly (and I mean suddenly) became hooked on dark chocolate. It was a great day for me as we now have one more thing in common.

Jean said...

I recently got a box of many little Vosges chocolate barsfrom my twin sister, Joan. Curry, Red Pepper, Black pepper... I was blown away. I am so so hooked!You have to try them. Nice for a little taste after dinner when your are entertaining guests.

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