Art and Craft Confessional by Denise Sharp

Now that you have seen all of that paper folding, you would correctly surmise that I am detail oriented. My work has to be ‘’just so’. Much to my husband’s chagrin,however, I seem unable to apply to same amount of attention to normal tasks like screwing the lid tightly back on bottles or opening a box of cereal without it looking like a squirrel attacked it.

Also - kind of a klutz sometimes. In art school I managed to catch my arm on fire in the metal shop,I was the safety monitor, and I lit my apron {no flames} in ceramics, which is actually much more difficult than you might think. But that was years ago.

If I were to have one of those signs in the studio that ticked off how many days since the last accident, it would say many, many days - a few years, even. It has been at least that long. You know those tall insulated coffee cups that fit in the cup holder of cars? Well, I had a black one and it was the same shape and color as my spray adhesive. So one afternoon instead of grabbing the spray adhesive and shaking it vigorously as the directions indicate, I took my cup of hot coffee and shook it vigorously. It ruined a lot. Oh, and then I did it again about 6 months later because I didn’t throw the cup out. Good times.

So, now that I have divulged, what are your art or craft disasters?

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mette said...

my attempt at re-tiling our kitchen floor landed me in the emergency waiting room because - i was using an Xacto blade to cut lino tiles - i severed (very neatly!) the tip of my thumb ... the kicker? the waiting room television was showing a 'how to cut lino tile' tutorial!


follow studio said...

During design school I was feverishly finishing up a magazine project the day before it was due, using double sided adhesive. I cleverly adhered the center spread back to front.

After getting up at the crack of dawn to travel the one and a half hours to the school to reprint the pages and refinish the project being ever-so-careful - I managed to do the exact same thing again. Sigh.

Uncle Beefy said...

Oh people...really now. See I am a professional, a trained printmaker and silkscreener, degree-granted no less. So tell me then...what gets me off the hook for the time I opened two silkscreen ink containers, thought "these need to be shaken up a bit", set them down, took a sip o' coffee, then promptly began to shake both of them (you know to be efficient)...? Oh...did I mention that in the 15 second pause to sip the coffee (intended for mental alertness) I forgot to seal the lids back on? Um, yeah. Needless to say, Jackson Pollock had nothing on me in that moment.

d.Sharp said...

Okay, I feel better now gang.
Had me worried for a while.
Uncle - you and I would be pair.

Chelsea said...

Totally understand this. I once tried to create a canopy using paint canvas and birch poles. I don't care to re-live the details. Let's just say it was a HUGE disaster.

dana said...

this is a fun topic.

my disasters are mostly around gluing things that weren't supposed to be. most recently, i glued a few fingers together using super glue...

glitter is also an uncontainably hazardous substance - it is all over the place.

Kim said...

this is all so comforting! last year I was finishing up a big book order on christmas eve for hand delivery, getting ready to wrap them up all pretty and realized ... on one of them i glued the pages into the cover upside down. doh! luckily i had made an extra for myself, and i still laugh every time i open what was intended to be my beautiful 'portfolio' piece. i have since learned how to fix it but haven't bothered. i like my upside down book.

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