Dreaming in Black and White— By Paris Gerrard

For me, black and white photography has always been alluring. It’s about the pure pleasure of seeing, experiencing, and contemplating the world through expressive images. Great photography evokes a sense of heightened awareness and emotion. It’s about being surprised and delighted by the of the natural curiosities of the universe. It allows us to view the world from a surprising new perspective and expands our awareness Most importantly, I feel that more than any other art form, black and white photography offers the purest essence of form, shape, line, light and shadow.

Black and white photography, at its best, produces photos that seem to have a soul of their own. Sally Mann, Candace Meyer, Linda McCartney, Mona Kuhn and Jed Divine are some of the best. Their beautifully crafted images resonate inside of me – they’re magical. In my dream home, I imagine a wall filled with an assortment of random shots of my favorite black and white photography.

If you can, spend some time dreaming in black and white . . .

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