"Everything Old is New Again" By Paris Gerrard

I’m very excited that Rachel invited me to be a “guest blogger” for Black Eiffel. In following Black Eiffel’s theme of “eyes full of my favorite people + places + things + ideas,” I want to share some images that I feel express what I call a MODERN OLD-- FASHIONED STYLE.

I recently returned from an exciting trip to NYC. My tall, beautiful, blue-eyed sister will be moving there to model in a few weeks. We visited numerous modeling agencies and she had a couple of photo shoots. Her photos are gorgeous! The image that I am sharing today sparked me to pick this title for my post. I feel this photo embodies what I call modern/vintage. I love the monotone colors in this image. It has a strong, old-fashioned feel, but at the same time a contemporary twist. I am really excited about Zoë’s new career. Here is a link to a few of her photos. She has been my muse in the past, and I now have lots of inspiring ideas for new paintings.

I’ve always been a lover of old wallpapers. I love the details, patterns, and how they represent a unique portal into the past. Often, they are hand painted which I think adds a lot of charm. Here is a great pattern that I found from the cool wallpaper company, Nama Rococo. They create hand painted modern wallpapers that convey “Old Fashioned Beauty”. Anything hand painted these days is an unexpected delight.

In the past, I’ve traveled to the LA gift Mart as a buyer for my aunt’s furniture store. I would help her select cool items to sell. On the last trip, I discovered a really cool stump of petrified wood, which I thought was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. My aunt loved it as well, and bought it for her shop, but ended up keeping it for her self instead. I have always loved crystals and have collected them through the years. While in NYC, I ventured into one of my favorite stores, ABC Carpet and Home. They had a huge selection of petrified wood and crystals, and it made me remember what a beautiful addition they can be to accessorize your home. They are both earthy and divine.


Chelsea said...

Love this.

love.boxes said...

I've always wanted to visit ABC.. next trip out.. I'm going.

Your sister is lovely. Good luck to her in the big Apple!

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