Happy Beginnings by Guest Denise Sharp

{Photo: Ness Pace Photography}

I love the idea that my work is part of something happy. Even better - I love hearing back from a customer, especially with a great story. One of the very best was of a wedding proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower with one of my Eiffel Tower boxes. Man, with a proposal like that he could probably coast for a few years at least. { Just kidding, of course.}

I worked at a bakery for a while and I have to say I truly despised it. Most of the customers were not very nice. But I swear to you, right next door, in the Wedding Cake room the customers were as sweet as could be. The baker told me, “Well, duh, they are happy when they come in here, they are engaged and planning their wedding.” So, it’s funny, I have not even really thought of that until now, but perhaps I filed that away somewhere and it directed me towards working with brides.

{From Better Homes and Gardens Creative Weddings, Spring 2003}

The first cake topper I made was a gift for friends planning a sweet wedding at home - a simple sheet music topper with a bride and groom. When I started my business a few years later, I knew I wanted to add it to my line and started developing different toppers as well as offering custom toppers - even a hand beaded beehive for a friend’s garden wedding.

{From Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2005}

One of my favorites toppers to work on was for Theresa Canning Zast’s wedding in Martha Stewart. Most brides I have worked with have had a fairly neutral palette so to be given those vibrant colors was a bit liberating, plus Theresa is seriously nice.

{Martha Stewart Weddings, Winter 2007}

This was really a creative pleasure, working with all of the great folks at the magazine as well as working with paper patterns created by Stationer Cheree Berry. The body of the topper is silk organza with a pattern I printed onto it. Most recently, this cake has been featured in the newly published book, Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes. A stunning book I would love to sample my way through, they all look delicious.


Kathryn said...

So beautiful. I cannot get enough of your sweet paper lovelies!

navycardigan said...

wow!!! i didn't realise that you were responsible for that gorgeous martha stewart black and white cake last winter!!! how exciting!! you must know that i gasped when i saw that and it is tenderly preserved in my wedding look-book. i love the antique-feeling of the overall design and while at the same time how unique and new the concept is... it's just perfect and incredibly gorgeous!!!

Critsey said...

I love the Eiffel Tower box!
My husband and I had our first date in Paris...he is from Germany and I am in the USA so what a better place to meet than Paris!
Your stuff is gorgeous!!

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