Inspired designs by Denise Sharp

I keep most of the hundreds of business cards I have in one large three ring binder. After my first trade show, I realized I need a greater organizing system than a stack here and a few pinned up over there. I use the vinyl pages made for regular size cards and for oversize or odd shape cards, which many people have, I use pages with larger pockets for floppy disks. There are some cards that I have collected that I love to look at, so I keep them pinned up on one of my inspiration boards. Here are a few:

The small round one is metallic blue ink letterpress on a matte gold metallic paper, unusual.

The Paris to The Moon card comes with black and white ticking stripe ribbon.

The photo piece is a larger, 6 inch square, card for Rosie NYC, a chandelier designer.


Chelsea said...

Fun!Thanks for sharing!

Britt said...

Love business cards! The old Victoria Magazine had a business card feature that I really miss!

M&Co said...

Ohh I love all these post you are doing with this letter theme!

d.Sharp said...

Thanks so much - hope you visit my blog for the rest of the alphabet. !t has been a lot of fun doing this!

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