Have you ever found a line of clothing that you literally loved almost every piece in their collection? Well I just found the collection for me called InWear, I would pretty much wear it all. Now to get it in the U.S., and convert those kr to dollars may be another story. Also sometimes catalogs or online shopping can let me down after seeing the clothes in person. Anyone seen or heard of this brand? Does anyone know what style this is considered? I'd love to have someone help me sum up this genre. (discovered inwear from here)


Sidsel_._ said...

Hi there! It´s a danish brand that has been around since 1970 - so you can find it in many places here and around europe. Guess the style is classic with a twist. The clothes fit well and the fabric is always good quality - hope this was helpfull.

Sarah said...

Hi! I'm actually a reader of BE who is living in Copenhagen, Denmark and agree with Sidsel... in 'real life' :) InWear is a pretty good brand. I don't own anything from them, but I've tried some things on and liked them. (Didn't buy because I was limited with finances... That's always the worst isn't it? You know, letting yourself try things on when you don't have money to actually buy anything. Such a huge letdown when something fits and looks fabulous!)

You should also check out some other Danish brands... Noa Noa, Malene Birger, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, to name a few. :) For more Danish brands, check out:

Thanks for publishing a good blog. I love to read it!

melanie said...

We have that brand in Canada too (or at least Calgary but if we have then EVERYONE has it) at some of the boutique stores so I can't imagine it would be too hard for you to find.

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