L is for Letters by Denise Sharp

The last couple of weeks on my blog I have been doing an Abecedary of Inspiration series, alphabetical posts that note things that inspire me and engender the creative spirit. Right now I am on the letter L and I thought for the rest of my time here I would share a few more letters. You can check out the previous letters on my blog as well as check back as I continue through the alphabet. I have to admit, I have no idea what I am going to do for X.

Having learned calligraphy really young, letters and letter forms have remained a constant source of inspiration - handwritten, drawn or typeset. The images above from my stacks.

Stunning penmanship via Typophile.

Of course, have loved the hand lettering of Eduardo Recife, print from here.


love.boxes said...

L for lovely lettering..

I just adore postcards too!

amber said...

I am a complete typophile, I love letters and the art that creates them all so differently. Love the S's!

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