Lists and more lists

My mom is the biggest list maker I've ever known. She even likes it when I take her lists and make them graphically pretty for her. In fact yesterday, I continued the process of making her very own personalized book of lists. When I found this listography site and book I thought it would be right up her alley as well as an interest for some of you listies. (how's that for a new word?)


Melissa said...

Ooo...I want this book!

Mom said...

I bet there's alot of listies out there.
It's a good way to consolidate your life and create your autobiography!

eclecticentertaining said...

I'm a total listie. I always have multiple lists going on... groceries, honey do, errands, etc.

I love crossing off of my list the most. In fact, when I do a chore/buy an item that's not on my list, I write it down and then immediately cross it off. I'm sick.

Bexy said...

i am a listy and proud.
and i already have my own version of this book.and it's nearly full. i love reading back through it and remembering what i was up to at the time. top tip:always date your lists then they work like a 'dear diary'

big up all my fellow listies ;0)

Bexy said...

p.s to eclectic entertaining....i do that too! it makes me so happy :)

SeƱorita Puri said...

I loooove this book!
I just linked you in my blog ;-) XO Puri

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