Marc Jacobs documentary

Did anyone else watch this? I thought it was inspirational, Marc Jacobs is quite the creative genius. It was interesting to see into his world of deconstructing, reconstructing, and making ugly things beautiful, thinking outside of the box.


Joslyn said...

i didn't see this but really wanted to...was it on sundance? do you know if they're replaying?

Oh Inverted World! said...

Sadly, I liked MJ more before watching the film than afterwards. I think it's funny how none of his close "co-workers" ever shoot down one of his "brilliant" ideas.

sarah said...

I saw it and actually really enjoyed it. He is just a guy that is a creative genius trying to make it through the work day just like the rest of us. I posted it too last week, because I was loving those colorful macarons!

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