O is for Objects by Denise Sharp

Frankly, I can admire modernist, striking interiors where the inhabitants have no more than a half a dozen museum-worthy objects, I just couldn’t do it. As in, it would not be possible - because I am almost like a junk magnet - I have been known to head to Target for diapers and instead return home with a station wagon full of huge metal letters from the building being torn down next door, or hit a a garage sale between a friend’s wedding and reception. To me, collecting, decorating and living with found and favorite objects, most rather humble, is a necessary inspiration binge - whittling it down to a handful would be famine.
Here are a few interiors with interesting and inspiring objects and collections:

From the most recent issue of Country Living, I am coveting that silhouette-man thing although I can see it being used by one of my kids to settle an argument. Trip to the ER would ensue.

Also from Country Living, huge ball of string!

This is from M.E.’s Home Companion from a number of years ago. I loved how this gal surrounded herself with all the things she loved.

Also from Home Companion, liked this use of found/ industrial.

White interiors photograph so beautifully - I am really drawn to them, although I don’t have a white room in my entire house. Go figure. I have an ongoing series here on my favorite vintage finds, odd little items I wanted needed and that needed me.


Jessica said...

these pictures make me smile especially all the knick knacks and trinkets!

Joanna Goddard said...

very pretty. these are going into my inspiration journal.

M&Co said...

Beautiful post! I too admire modernist interiors, but on the homefront I love beautiful objects , and lots of it too! Trying not to overdo things ;-)

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