While in college, I studied abroad in the middle east (Jerusalem, Jordan, Egypt etc..) When I saw Anthropologie's new catalog / online web video, I immediately was reminded of how much I want to go back. Oh, how I long to see Morocco. Just to give you a little flava of my journey I put I few photos here. Furthermore, to add a little spice to your screen, I also found this desktop wallpaper download from Free People's Blog similar to various patterned textiles they had in the eastern markets. Thanks FP!


Nicole Block, said...

hey honey! check out my blog this week. i'm asking people to email me or post about their most inspiring places, and i've done my own post about my trip to morocco. complete with pics! it should scratch that itch of yours. LOL...

Jessie Cacciola said...

gorgeous...thanks for these links.
- Jessie -

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