"The Letters You Keep" contest

I received an emailed about Crane's second annual " The Letters You Keep". To celebrate the tradition of letter writing, enter the contest by sharing letters you have received and kept. Winners will receive $500 and $250 Crane's stationery! Enter by May 1st. For more details visit here.

This contest made me think of a four page letter my mom received from a flattering admirer (stocker) in college. To this day, she still has no idea who it is was from. I've never read a more pleasantly descriptive letter from a stranger. Whoever wrote it must have been an English major.

(image 1 from Cranes, image 2 by Elvis Swift from here)


Lauren Kilberg said...

This is awesome. Letter writing is truly a lost art (thanks e-mail). I have several friends involved in endeavors over seas and while e-mail is the easiest, quickest way to keep up, I still try to send letters monthly. They are so much more fun to get.

I save all the ones that I get. I may have to look through them and consider entering this contest.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Do you want a picture of our letters we have kept?

Sarah said...

I remember seeing this last year and wanting to enter but it was only open to residents of the U.S. Ah well, it's still cool.

Rachel said...

Laura, I'd love a picture of your letters if you want to email them to me. Yet, you should enter the contest too!!

Sarah, that is a bummer. Perhaps they will host an international contest in the future.

Alice said...

how great :D

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