The Ones We Love

I am overwhelmingly inspired by this project called "The Ones We Love". Talented photographers took six shots in a natural (outdoor) setting of people who are most important to them. Above are a few of my favorites, go see their whole set. 1 - Matthew Genitempo 2- Lindsay Josal 3- Julio Cesar Isarrualde.

I went through the entire long list of photographers and here are more of my favs:
Ada Augustyniak
Alexei Belozerov
Annkathrin Pfaffendorf
Artem Mishukov
Indiana Caba
Korolev Iliya
Marika Ryu
Rasa Vistoskoja
Yuki Nakano

(found at photojojo)


laura said...

i love this idea. when i come home for the summer, beach + [niece and nephews] = perfection.

Krissy said...

what a great idea. i love the photos you posted, now off to check the others out!

love.boxes said...

I never like the photos taken of myself unless my daughter takes them.. It matters how much you love the photog too... that can change how you look in the picture.. These are great. :)

katrina said...

i love that website!

east side bride said...

They are such terrific sets.

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