Simply Vera Ads

To be honest, I don't think I've ever walked into a Kohl's, well... maybe once or twice unknowingly. Now, I have a pretty good reason to go after seeing these Simply Vera ads. They have peeked my interest. Have you seen the Simply Vera line up close?


Alyssa Coberly said...

meh ... i found it (last seasons) a bit underwhelming - they never seem to have the great pieces that they show in the ads, and they are still pretty pricey - still around $60 for a dress ... like i said not super expensive but the quality isnt the best!

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with alyssa ... i was unimpressed when i saw it. but that was the first line and this line looks a bit more appealing.

congrats on your one-year milestone!

erin wilson said...

It's not incredible, but you can get really great deals with some good pieces when there is a sale. I have a couple of tops and one dress....every time I wear one I get lots of compliments!

ant said...

I too was a bit underwhelmed by the clothes, but bought a pair of shoes I love. And then bought them again once they were on sale for after the current pair gets too beat up. It's worth checking out.

Congrats on the anniversary! I love your blog.

Molly said...

You'll be dissapointed. It looks fabulous in the ads, but up close, just sloppy. Some of the accessories are good though.

jealoushe said...

Actually, I didn't think the Vera Wang Kohl's collection was as bad as some have said. Vera Wang is very classic, so you're not going to be finding amazingly avant-garde yet inexpensive garments, but I liked last spring's collection she did for Kohl's. Plus, everything goes on mad sale online and instores eventually so if you don't feel the clothing is worth the price, you can get it for even less if you wait a bit.

I'd never been to a Kohl's before going to check out the VW, and it's nothing exciting. It reminds me of Ross/Marshall's.

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