Spring Cleaning 'itunes style'

My external hard-drive that had all of my music on it, started to get sick. Luckily, I noticed early on, and everything was taken off before it went on to suffer an ignominious death. May it R.I.P.

This couldn't have come at a better time, because of my current "Spring Cleaning" mood, time to spring clean my music . . . why not? With my eyes closed (thinking to myself what am I doing?) I deleted everything from itunes (keeping the files) and am now starting from scratch, adding back only the good stuff and deleting songs/artists that don't really jive with me anymore. It has been a very fascinating aural journey, exploring music I never knew that I had. I'm almost finished with letter 'B'.

Lovely readers... I'm curious, what are your top 5 most played songs (check your play counts)?


mette said...

please tell what the sick-signs were! i shiver at the thought of my ex-hard drive dying! i did a clean out when my laptop almost died last year, and even though it was good to get rit of a lot of stuff, i do find i have forgotten some good music in the process.. right now my top 5 songs are all Jens Lekman...

caroline said...

die, blogger. i carefully explained (defended myself on) each of my songs, and now it's gone!

so now. a quick run-down. itunes top 5:

inspiring thunderstorms (ha. plays on repeat on nights i can't sleep.)
abc - jackson five (my alarm clock song. generally plays about 10 times before i wake up. used to be catchy, now i just hate it. but it eventually does the trick.)
zombie - cranberries (revisited the 90s lately. a LOT)
paper bag - fiona apple
harajuku girls - gwen stefani

it's depressing how much of a rut i get into when it comes to music. looking at those play counts really makes that clear.

Rosa said...

top 5:

1. You Showed Me - The Turtles
2. Nantes - Beirut
3. Your are the Light - Jens Lekman
4. Again and Again - The Bird and the Bee
5. Where Do You Got To (My Lovely) - Peter Sardstedt

Hmm.. I can see what a rut is..

LowerEatSide said...

the entire Kate Nash album, and Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" which I 100% blame on the fact that it motivates me on the treadmill for some unknown reason!

becky said...

I get stuck on certain albums, which I listen to over and over on repeat.


"Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)" - Beirut
"Howlin' a Gale" - Howe Gelb
"I Feel it All" - Feist
"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire
"Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" - Of Montreal
"Some Crap About the Future" - Electric President

Bonus track:

"15 Step" - Radiohead

Designing MILLIE said...

OOOOoooo....Bruce Springsteen always tops my list but here are my latest....As you can say I'm all over the place...

1. What it is- Mark Knopfler

2. Do it- Nelly Furtado

3. Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder

4. Din Din Wo- Habib Koite and Bamada

5. Bodies- Drowning pool

Now, I'm wondering what is your top 5?

jessica maria said...

I'm also wondering about your top five! Post! :)

1. Last Night - Motion City Soundtrack
2. Call It Off - Tegan & Sara
3. Gonna Make You Love Me - Ryan Adams
4. My Favourite Book - Stars
5. The Luckiest - Ben Folds

Jessie Cacciola said...

Oh, cute...mine is..
1) Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
2) Long Nights - Eddie Vedder (from the Into the Wild Soundtrack)...and it's only be out a few months so that's kind of scary.
3) Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
4) American Baby - Dave Mathews Band
5) Money - Pink Floyd (I'm surprised about that one)

...It's funny how you don't even realize what you're listening to the most.

G said...

I really like your idea of spring cleaning your music. It's time for me too, doing such exploring and shifting and changing. It's really wonderful, why not have a soundtrack to reflect that? In the meantime, these are my top five.

1. The Way You Look Tonight
- Billie Holiday

2. Wouldn't It Be Nice
-The Beach Boys

3. Cold Sweat (Parts 1 & 2)
-James Brown

4. Redemption Song
-Bob Marley

5. Back to Black
-Amy Winehouse

Emily said...

Oh! Spring cleaning iTunes sound like an excellent idea. And I admire your bravery of (gasp!) deleting all the music.

1. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
2. Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
3. Suture Up Your Future - Queens of the Stone Age
4. You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse
5. Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees

jo said...

1. there's too much love - belle & sebastian

2. jonathan david - belle & sebastian

3. funny little frog - belle & sebastian

4. over and over again (lost & found)- clap your hands say yeah

5. painter in your pocket - destroyer

yeah, i´m belle & sebastian obsessed… though I never thought funny little frog would come up in the list.

Sarah said...

Good on you for starting over! My, such a big step. I admire you. But it makes sense. I have a lot of music on my ipod that I haven't even listened to. And I desparately needto get an external harddrive for all my music to free up the hard drive on my computer. Ok:
1. Still I wake up in the morning thinking of you - Goma (thanks to Jo, the Belle & Sebastian fan for introduvcing me to this song!)
2. Tiny Little Fracures - Snow Patrol
3.You are my face - Wilco
4. Say it to me now - Glen Hansard (Once)
5. The first day of my life - Brighteyes

allison said...

these are modest, only because i just got a new computer and only JUST transferred my music, like, yesterday:

the dodos - fools
glos - all love
coconut records - west coast
belaire - step step step
the kills - u.r.a. fever


JLC Studio said...

Great idea! I might have to try this on my own blog!!

Here's my list:

-Sand in My Shoes-Dido (Hani Num Mixshow-Dance Mix)
-When the Dawn Breaks-Narcotic Thrust
-Starlight-Muse (I don't know why this isn't my top-I listen to it constantly!)
-Seven Days in Sunny June-Jamiroquai
-Stranger Than Fiction-Bad Religion

I've got a very wide tast in music but my favorites are dance and alternative.

Good luck re-organizing, I can't imagine having to re-load all my music!!!

lola said...

oh this is such a great idea, i need to revamp my playlist too. i think i'll do the same on my next blog post :) so anyway, my current top 5:

1. summer sun - koop
2. nighttiming - coconut records
3. always a relief - the radio dept.
4. stars in their eyes - just jack
5. einstein - gabriella cilmi

SnakeCharmer said...

Scary how often I listen to the top 5... I definitely can relate to the music rut.

1. Down Here Below -Steve Earle
2. Same Mistake- James Blunt
3. Mr. Pitiful- Matt Costa
4. 1234- Feist
5. By Your Side- Sade

Anna Macfarlane said...

1. Happiness--Goldfrapp
2. Umbrella--Marie Digby
3. I Wish You Love--Rachel Yamagata
4. The Fear You Won't Fall--Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson
5. Real Love--Regina Spektor
6. Anyone Else But You-- Moldy Peaches

Added one for good luck! This is my fave Spring Mix!

Marilyn said...

My songs:
1) What a wonderful World
2) Somewhere over the Rainbow
both by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
3)"Defying Gravity" song from "Wicked".
4)True Colors by Phil Collins
5) Calypso by John Denver

I need songs that get me moving and singing at the top of my lungs.

SKH said...

hi, you have a very good selection in music. my most played songs in a weekly basis are:
1. Breathe(2am)- Anna Nalick
2. Anything Norah Jones,mainly Not too Late or Seven Years
3. Over My Head- The Fray
4. Turn- Travis
5. Somewhere Only We Know- Keane
I also enjoy Aqualung, Coldplay, Debussy, Chantal Kreviazuk and some 50's.

Rachel said...

Mette - I had a Western Digital My book and it was quite jampacked, and used daily and frequently. Signs - it just started processing super slow, and later it just wouldn't upload on my desktop. Hope this helps..

Rachel said...

Oh ... for those who asked, some of my frequently played songs that I can remember (before the spring clean) were:

1: J.S. Bach: Cello Suite #1 In G, BWV 1007 - Yo-Yo Ma
2: Real Love - Regina Spektor
3: Postcards From Italy - Beirut
4: Fighting Away the Tears - Feist & Mocky
5:Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

here's my top 5 on my top 25 at the moment
1) australia - the shins
2)pony - erin mccarley
3) centennial - tokyo police club
4) home life - john mayer
5) I can't make me - butterfly boucher

definitely give them all a listen, their great.

and keep up the great blogging

Teal Chic said...

This happened to my mac, and I ended up having to get a new computer! Good call, and great save!!!

top five on itunes:

(They're all pretty inspirational I might add)

1) You can get it if you really want, Jimmy Cliff
2) I can see clearly now, Johnny Nash
3) Cool Change, Little River Band
4) Somewhere over the rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'
5) Three Little Birds, Bob Marley

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