All I Need by Radiohead + MTV Exit

My bro. Jake always shares with me the most thought provoking stuff. You've got to check out this video and tell me what you think. It is a Radiohead and MTV EXIT collaboration for the song "All I Need" that premiered today. This is such a dreadful problem in our world, one that unfortunately I've seen briefly up close. I hope through organizations such as this more people can become aware of this massive issue, and some headway can be made to bring about positive change. What a powerful clip, I had to watch it a few times.


emily said...

that broke my heart.

danielle said...

That was very moving and eye-opening. Thank you.

Kim said...

Oh rachel, I didn't think I could even watch the entire thing. How powerful.
Thankyou so much for sharing this.

Nairn Marnie said...

great post, i may never have come across this video. not sure about the end tag line 'end exploitation and trafficking' it's a bit naive to put phrase the issue so simply

SnakeCharmer said...

I think it is good to make the issue sort of basic and in your face though, so that it means something in your daily life. The video makes the issue very poignant that way (and clearly the video at least raises the topic).

S'mee said...

As a child our family was very poor. We often lived in a car between the many moves and at an early age we were expected to "run the house" and also "add to the income", meaning, by the age of 8 I was experienced enough with an iron to take in lawn/leaf trash bags of clothing to iron and hang *everyday* after school.

I grew up. I live in the U.S., my children did not have to repeat my history.

Many people have no idea where their products come from or if a child produced them, and/or in what conditions.

This video is a catalyst; hopefully for more than just conversation, but also for action.

Lets find out where our products come from and how they are produced. Do we *really* need those items? Or have we been weaned on excess and consumerism so deeply that we cannot go without our "stuff"?

Time to rethink.

Thanks for putting this up.

heather said...

what a powerful video. I am so glad you shared this.

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