Okay... I'm a fan too. Just bought their singles and their album looks like it is going to be more unique than all of the others. My mom, sis, and sister-in-law and I were talking about celebrity crushes yesterday and I honestly couldn't think of any I liked. Maybe Chris Martin + Gwyneth Paltrow come close, but then again I am usually not into that crush and obsess about a celebrity thang, they just seem like kinda cool people. Who are your celebrity crushes, or do you even have them?

(video via stereogum)


quaint handmade said...

i purchased the new single and got one for free from the coldplay website. i think the album is going to have a "big" sound, kind of like u2. brian eno produced it and he has worked for many years with u2. i'm looking forward to it. i didn't love the last album.

i have just two celebrity crushes - steve mcqueen who is so cool. and, for some reason, kelly jones from the stereophonics, very cool, too.

Jane said...

i'm loving what i've heard from the new coldplay. my celebrity crushes are a bit odd: i am smitten with jon stewart and stephen colbert. in my book, they can do no wrong. for style, i end up liking what reese witherspoon is wearing more days than not.

have a nice weekend.

Carolina Eclectic said...

The music sounds great. I love Coldplay.
My celebrity crush is Johnny Depp. He's so talented and good-looking, but I don't think he takes himself too seriously. I also love anyone who goes against the grain.

Gjelly said...

Ok, so I' ve been singing this song for the past three hours. And then I come to your post. :-) It's a catchy little tune. As far as celebrity crushes? Hugh Jackman and Christopher Meloni- aka Detective Stabler from Law and Order. Yum to both.

Jill said...

I have to second Johnny Depp but also Orlando Bloom. He is super yummy! Coolest chic ever is Kat Von D of LA Ink, although I could never get that many tattoos! I'd love to look/dress like Drew Barrymore.

emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

I hate to admit it, but I am, and have been for the last 10-15 years, head over heals with Robbie Williams. I just can't help it!

Then of course, there are the smaller crushes, on people like Jude Law and Kate Moennig, that have only lasted for say, perhaps 5 years... :-D

amber said...

that new song is fan-tas-tic, and I'm not even a huge fan, I was rockin' out when this came on the other day.

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