The Concretes + Taken by Trees

The Concretes
although they are no more, are rockin' my music world again lately. The lead singer, Victoria Bergsman broke off in '06 with her solo gig called Taken by Trees. You can also hear her kuhl voice in "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John. Go Sweeden... keep those good singers and bands a' coming.


Svanna said...

Yes those swedes certainly can something with music! Love Victoria Bergsmans haircut.

Uncle Beefy said...

Rachel...I was talking behind your back at a blogger meeting not too long ago. I was talking with a woman and we both agreed that it was likely best that we refrain from disclosing our own musical tastes from our blogs. Then we both said how you, on the other hand, should never stop...'cause you introduce some of the best tunage! LOVED this! You're like my own little jukebox :) Thank you, thank you!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE her voice. I miss The Concretes but am liking her new project. I have a mix I've been listening to the past few weeks with Camera Obscura and The Concretes and I can't stop.. it's perfect!

lola said...

i LOVE your taste! i got to know some really great music from your blog, thanks for sharing!

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