I've been waiting for something like this. Evolve is a wireless + portable speaker ipod dock that is collecting awards from all kinds of places. Thank you Griffin Technology. See a little demo here. (via O at Home)

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Not to burst your bubble because I was super excited about this product too and ran out to buy it with my stimulus check. I had terrible luck with it. The speakers were all static-y and when I called Griffin the guy told me that I had probably bought a defective one. So I went back to Best Buy hoping to exchange, but there were 2 already opened (read: returned) boxes on the shelf. I felt like that didnt bode well for the product. The Griffin guy actually asked me what my walls were made of, like I maybe live in a lead house! If you do decide to buy it, double check which adaptor you need for your ipod before putting it in because I jumped the gun and they are a b*tch to get out.

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