Family Pillows

If you have the itch to have a customized drawing of yourself or family, check out this stylish pillow option before you go decal your car. First seen here.

p.s. please d
on't decal your car!


alyson. said...

ah!!! I LOVE this!

amy korngiebel said...

love this. E and I are a little confusing, though.

Sucker For Marketing said...

Wonderful! I might have to get one! And yes, please, please don't decal your car!

Joanna said...

Your entry made me laugh because I recently blogged about my Dad's weird obsession with having those decals on his car..the problem? 6 kids, 2 sons-in-law, 5 grandkids, and a dog. Check out the picture here:

Maybe I'll try to just get a pillow and then we can take the decals off of the car!

Delicate Creature said...

oh, i have always wanted a KStudio pillow!

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