Ice Cube Trays

Have you been noticing the explosion of stylish ice cube trays on the market? Ice... ice... baby.

1: Wrapables
2: Amazon


Julia said...

How fabulous! I wonder if they would be good for jello too :)

Brooke said...


That's where I saw those. Thank you, thank you for solving this week's teaser! I remember seeing fun and inexpensive shapes in my travels but couldn't for the life of me remember.

Off to see the Swedes!

sheila bocchine said...

I have the star ones!

l. said...

I had those from ikea, but they were such a b**ch to get out, I gave up and went back to not-so-pretty ice.

Lara said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog this evening and had to give some input. My roommates bought the ice trays from ikea (we have stars and hearts) and they are so obnoxious. It takes too much effort to get the ice out so we ended up getting a regular tray. I will say though when the ice does come out, heart shaped ice looks pretty in a glass.

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