Pretty Closets

As I am organizing and spring cleaning my bedroom closet, here are some pretty and inspirational closets that have caught my eye. For me, closet rule #1 is to have matching hangers. It truly makes a world of difference.

1 - 4 from InStyle
5 Seen at Design Blaze and Oh Happy Day photo by Debi Terloar
6 Speckled Egg
7 California Closets
8 Apartment Therapy


Joslyn said...

totally agree...i went out and bought all wooden hangers a while back and i'm happy every time i open my closet. i love that last image.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i cannot WAIT until i have big closets that i can decorate and organize to my liking. i find that ikea and target are great options for wooden hangers.

mary said...

OK, that last shot made my heart skip a beat. I think it's the boots. Swoooon.

Sucker For Marketing said...

The last closet is THE BOMB! But really, who has a closet like that? First of all, there is NOTHING in it, and second of all, if you had that much space, that would be a really poor use of it!

emme said...

Oh, *sigh*. If only my closet could look so scrumptious!


love.boxes said...

I have dreams of having a pretty closet!

east side bride said...

Thank you. My FH thinks my matching hanger mania is bonkers! I have to smuggle the wire ones out of the house ;)

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