Beijing Olympics

If you unfortunately missed the 'Beijing Opening Ceremony' like I did, you have got to check out these photos that Jordan linked to. I am in awe. What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? This weekend we were kinda glued to them all.

The following Olympic ads are pretty cool too.

In this Nike Ad, Marvin Gaye sets the tone for the USA men's basketball team.

And I love this Adidas Olympic countdown clip also, very well done.

(last 3 via here)


Brooke Rane said...

that picture is so funny, and what an amazing set of pics that was too...on a side note, have you checked out Folksy at all? i posted about them this morning, but they're looking promising if you're into Etsy at all...

christina said...

Great Pictures. I love the Olympics! Especially the women's gymnastics. Unfortunately, I missed the opening ceremonies as well.

Palomita Gasolina said...

We missed the original ceremonies but then downloaded the BBC version of the ceremonies--commerical and almost commentary free. Definitely check it out in HD :) totally worth the like 3+ hours.

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