Bye-Bye Beijing

How many of you watched the closing ceremonies last night? There were parts that were unbelievably amazing!!

(image from here)

As for advertising, there were lots of good ones airing this year. My favorite campaign was the 'Go World' Ads for Visa by TBWA\ Chiat \Day. I like how they coordinated through color tone and voice, and successfully displayed what the Olympics are all about.


Preppy said...

i loved those ads too. did you notice after michael phelps would win a gold medal they changed out the ad copy to congratulate him on each acheivement! fantastic!

Sarah said...

I Looved those Visa commercials as well!
Btw, Tyler Gourley shot the Phelps one...fab photog that I got to use for another shoot, check out Tyler's journal entry for that shoot for footage. It's awesome!

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