California Living -- by Michele Katen

I grew up in Connecticut where the houses are conservative colonials,with straight lines, paned windows, and wood siding. When I moved to California, the Eichler homes were fresh and exciting to me. Their sharp angles, low-sloping roof and floor to ceiling windows continue to hold my artistic interest.

This is an example of a typical colonial home in Darien, Connecticut.

Joseph Eichler created these prefabricated modern homes in the 1950's. Here is a present day example of an Eichler in Palo Alto, California.

A promotional brochure for the Eichler from the 1950's.


jasmine s. said...

My parents live in an neighborhood of Eichlers and I love it! The only thing is, most of the homes, my parents' included, have been so updated that they are hardly recognizable from the inside. One of the neighbors' homes, though, looks just like the one in the ad, but they've got tons of bushes and trees for some privacy from the street.

Megan said...

Eichlers are so cool, I'd love to live in one. Radiant heating, cool courtyards, open plans. They're beautiful, and there are many in Marin, the community I'm from. But the again it's Marin, which makes purchasing one quite expensive.

Fine Twined said...

I grew up (mostly) in Southern CA, just left school (in Provo) and now I'm in Connecticut. We are currently trying to decide whether to stay here or go back to the West coast.

Since we are possibly staying here I have been checking out houses and I'm really missing the West coast style:0( How do I get my mid century furniture to go in a colonial home??

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