Guest Blogger: Michele Katen

I am excited to introduce a guest blogger Michele Katen. I have corresponded with Michele only briefly through email, so I am anxious to learn more about her through her posts this week. Her oil paintings are quite extraordinary. Welcome Michele!

Michele Katen is a figurative oil painter based in San Francisco, California. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Lyme Academy in 1998 and continues to use traditional handmade oil paint and lead primed linen. Michele's artwork portrays modern women and children in American suburban life. Her paintings have been exhibited in art galleries located in the northeast as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. Most recently, her work was chosen for Studio Visit Magazine.

Please visit her website,, for some examples of her work.


Joanna Goddard said...

what a gorgeous painting!! i went to her website and love all her work. xo

Claire, said...


coco+kelley said...

love this ~ it seems a little hockney-esque? but i'm no art nerd, so maybe i'm way off. either way i really like the lines, color and total simplicity.

Ana said...

Ooh! Love her work. Very Diebenkorn-inspired, too, no?

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