Hinged, Strung, Stitched -- by Michele Katen

I met Molly Lewis last year on a trip to Portland, Oregon. She is a creative bookbinder. I am very glad to hear that she has started her own business called "Hinged, Strung, Stitched". Molly designs and binds books, presentation boxes and photo albums. Her website displays her personal style which merges traditional and contemporary techniques. It seems like a lot of people (including myself) are going back to the old-fashioned way of preserving memories. I think it is so much more meaningful. Don't you?

Here are some pictures of some of Molly's work.

This clamshell box is an archival way to store your photos

These books are hand-sewn!


mama wants more said...

Beautiful work. I enjoy seeing all of the pretty things on your site.

made sweet said...

lovely books! having made my own books, I can appreciate how much time would go into these. That's incredible.

marc said...

Google reader recommended your blog (cool blog, btw) to me, so I was just checking it out and noticed you're going to Paris. I go there every year and have consumed far too many pastries in search of the best. So, a few must eats:
1. Pierre Hermé (right near Saint-Sulpice, the church now popular thanks to the Davinci Code) Hermé is the rockstar of pastry chefs--try the wild flavors of macarons and other amazing treats (look at my July posts to find a photo of one)
2. Ladurée (76,champs-elysées): also famous for their more traditional macarons, but try a religieuse, or have lunch in the tea room
and for chocolate...
Chez Angelina is overrated (don't bother)
3. Michel Cluizel is amazing and
4. Patrick Roger just won best chocolate in France (24 varieties of chocolate bars).
If you want any other ideas (like restaurants or museums), just let me know. I'm a major Paris addict.

Rachel said...

If you like handsewn books, check out the work of Seattle artist and poet, Jennifer Borges Foster.


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